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Effective Utilization of Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Transformer oil is utilized as fluid insulation as well as dissipates transformer heat. Specifically, the transformer oil can be used as a coolant in transformer and as a way of arch suppression within circuit breakers (apart through its insulation properties). … Continue reading

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Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

The dielectric insulating oils must have the required qualities during the time of initial impregnation and filling up at the manufacturer and later conserve the same high quality in the area operation. The ACORE Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant upgrades … Continue reading

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Acore’s Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System is used to remove water, gas and impurities for improving the electrical resistance of oil and the paper insulation, but also to a certain extent, improve the physical and chemical properties of oil. Power distribution … Continue reading

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What is Transformer Oil Purification Treatment

Before all of us move to procedure details, we ought to know the reason why transformer oils need purification treatment As discussed within details Benefits of transformer oil purification inside post exactly why transformer oil purification is needed? Here we … Continue reading

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EHV Transformer Vacuum Oil Purification Dehydration Plant

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Dehydration Plant is to remove the oil in the water and impurities, to improve the electrical strength of oil to protect the paper in the paper insulation, but also to a certain extent, improve the … Continue reading

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High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier from ACORE

The case was joined by distributors of organizations dealing with fixes and maintenance for power transformers. ACORE launched high vacuum transformer oil purifier made by our company for the participants. Specifically, the following tools was reviewed: plants intended for filtration, … Continue reading

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