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Filtering Elements Structure of Oil Filtration Machine – Acore Oil Purifier

The filtering elements of oil filtration machine is mainly used to remove particulate matter or other suspended matter from the fluid. The principle is the use of porous media to remove contaminants from the fluid to bring the fluid to … Continue reading

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ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Transformer Oil Filtration In essential areas of energy plants, nutrient oils are utilized as lubricating, cooling, insulation, sealing, cleansing and manage fluids. To get oil thoroughly clean is consequently essential to make sure proper procedure and to lengthen the life … Continue reading

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Application and Choise of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine -Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd

First of all, before we choose Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, we should know the voltage of transformers, the normal single-stage vacuum oil purifier is only for the the transformers less than 35KV, double stages high vacuum oil purifier for more … Continue reading

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Installation and Running of Transformer Oil Purifier

For installation of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, gear pump, filter and other components should be used for measurement at first. That is, to ensure that the oil purifier machine works well, but also to ensure that … Continue reading

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Pump Importance of Oil Filtration Machine

Oil Pump of Oil Filtration Machine is very important, it can be said that a good oil pump can provide a better efficiency of the oil filter. Commonly oil pump can be divided into gear pump, vane pump, piston pump … Continue reading

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Processing Procedure of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

The transformer oil is contaminated with water and dust and other impurities, it can use plate and frame pressure oil filtration machine to purify, after several cycles of filtration, usually able to meet the requirements. Its principle is the use … Continue reading

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