Online Transformer Oil Filtration Treatment System Manufacture By ACORE

The Online Transformer Oil Filtration Systems is mainly used in areas with high air flow humidity as well as high internet capacity load utilization, where the transformers are shut off from the web for installing oil purification plant, the transformer can be reconnected with the online. The transformer oil is constantly treated as the transformer is within normal procedure. Special guidance devices attached to the transformer and the Transformer Oil Filtration Systems to guarantee optimum safe operations.

The internal oil circulation of transformers cooling system is not really much impacted by the exterior treatment blood circulation. After Transformer Oil Treatment is finished, the transformer is once again disconnected through the net for any short time with regard to de-installation in the supervision gadgets and the oil based treatment vegetable

Transformer Oil Filtration Treatment Machine

Our Online Transformer Oil Treatment Machine is designed to really thoroughly degas, dehydrate and also remove particles along with carbon penalties to rapidly restore the particular dielectric strength of transformer oil, insulating oils in load tap changers, cable and circuit breakers.

The design of Transformer Oil Filtration System is a powerful oil purifier that utilizes heat in conjunction with deep vacuum purification to quickly remove mixed combustible gas and dampness to under 3 PPM. The Transformer Oil Treatment Machine also contains multiple phases of high rating filter systems for the associated with fine contaminants. Common choices include fullers earth regeneration vessels for acid decrease, processing together with storage aquariums, 3-Phase power generator to supply the appropriate power to the device and oxidation inhibitor intro devices.

The Online Transformer Oil Treatment Machine consist of powerful machine pumps along with auxiliary link points that provide easy link with transformers to be able to apply heavy vacuum throughout maintenance or even commissioning of recent units.

ACORE built Online Transformer Oil Filtration System within custom heavy-duty trailers hanging on trucks for a long distance moving to satisfy your specific requirements. We focus on delivering effective systems inside compact and also highly transportable and maneuverable platforms to use in substations, power equipment and power industry.

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VHF Hydraulic Oil Purifier For Solution of Oil Deterioration

During working, hydraulic oil will inevitably invade some impurities and water, which will cause the hydraulic oil to deteriorate.  Following is introduction of why the deterioration of hydraulic oil and how to solve the problem of deterioration by Hydraulic Oil Purifier

The reasons for deterioration of hydraulic oil:

1.Oxidative deterioration;

2. Mixing water and air during usage;

3. Mixed with particulate pollutants.

4.The original residual material of the hydraulic equipment itself, such as the impurities produced in the assembly process that have not been completely removed;

5. The oil tubing through which the oil flows and the oil drum storing the oil contain impurities and mix in the oil;

6. The harsh open-air operating environment in the wild causes all kinds of particles to invade the hydraulic equipment;

7. hydraulic equipment in the refueling, oil change, maintenance and other processes in the intrusion of pollutants;

8. Mechanical friction, deformation and chemical reactions and other aspects of pollution.

The damage caused by hydraulic oil deterioration:

1. The oil film of the deteriorated hydraulic oil is not sufficiently light to withstand the pressure of the working load, resulting in the metal surfaces touching each other, resulting in a sharp increase in friction and accelerating the wear of the parts;

2. The reduction of the lubricating performance of the hydraulic oil causes the internal tooth surfaces of the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor to wear.

Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic medium that uses a liquid pressure energy hydraulic system, and plays a role in energy transmission, anti-wear, lubrication, anti-corrosion, rust prevention, and cooling in a hydraulic system. Since the viscosity change of the hydraulic oil is directly related to the hydraulic action, transmission efficiency, and transmission accuracy, the viscosity-temperature performance and shear stability of the oil are required to satisfy various requirements put forward by different applications.

VHF Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier from ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd can quickly remove the harmful components such as water, impurities and volatiles (such as ammonia) in the oil, improve the quality of the oil, restore its performance, and ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, power system, and lubrication system.

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TCF Transformer Online On-load Tap Changer Oil Purifier

ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd offers TCF Transformer Online On-load Tap Changer Oil Purifier , it is designed and produced to remove particles and water created during regular running, keeping oil in top condition along with minimal servicing. For versatile operation, almost all systems consist of an adjustable terms which allows clients to set up the system for their specifications-daily working, almost every other day, every week or some other week every two, eight as well as 24 hours operate time.

Our Transformer Online On-load Tap Changer Oil Filtration System features a tilt-out, tool-free filtration system change program for simple replacements in addition to a 5+ one gallon leak-catch sump with sump alarm, lower flow security, high pressure security alarm, anti-condensation cupboard heater, remote control system, relay and also heavy duty signal breaker upon incoming energy. And because filtration replacement will not require pump motor reversal or even shutdown, unclean oil goes toward the filtering while method oil remains clean and peak problem.

TCF Online Transformer Oil Purifier was created to meet the purification demands better oil volume level load faucet changers (greater than two hundred gallons) whilst providing versatility to meet person customer specs. This system offers filtration having an oil recycling rate vary 10-20 liters per min, motor different types of 1/4 in order to 1/2 hp and is flexible to a number of industry-standard filter systems.

TCF Online Load Tap Changers Oil Filtration System

With the suitable filter set up, the Transformer Online On-load Tap Changer Oil Purifier may remove mixed water and very fine carbon dioxide and steel particles to keep peak overall performance of oil, lengthen the life of the equipment along with lengthen the time between upkeep intervals.

TCF  Transformer Online On-load Tap Changer Oil Filtration System features a small, lightweight style that permits easy to install. Pump keeps a stream rate of 10-20 liters per min to minimize container turbulence. Covered, environmentally-friendly separate out canister removes the clutter and trouble created whenever using traditional pool filter cartridges. Brand new filters deliver filled with oil, eliminating the necessity to supply eye shadow oil. Can be who have the standard clean but want to standardize in something else, we provide an kit to create TCF Transformer Online On-load Tap Changer Oil Purifier as a variety of industry-standard filtration system.

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Plate & Frame Oil Filter Press Machine – ACORE Oil Purifier


PF Plate and Frame Oil Filter Press Machine is designed for power plants, power stations, industrial and mining enterprises substation (room) lubricants, tractor stations, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, defense industry and other units, which is mainly used to filtration of transformer oil, turbine oil, aviation Water and impurities in hydraulic fluids and other liquids.

Due to the limitation of the gear structure, it is not suitable for non-lubricated oils such as gasoline and kerosene. When there is too much moisture in the oil, the oil can be heated first to allow the water to evaporate and then filtered. If the oil is dirty, it must be processed and then filtered.

PF Plate and Frame Press Oil Filter Machine is a portable device consisting of filter bed, oil pump and strainer.

PF Plate Press Oil Filter Machine

The filter bed is a filter that can be continuously operated and filtered sideways under pressure. The filter bed consists of a set of alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames and a mechanism including a manual screw press device and a press plate. The sides of the filter plate and the filter frame are supported on the supporting plate of the frame by “ears” on the side. The filter plate (or filter cloth) as a filter medium is lined between the filter plate and the filter frame, and the filter plate is pressed by pressing the pressure of the device. And the filter frame is pressed between the fixed thrust plate and the movable pressure plate to form a separate filter chamber, and the filter paper (or the filter cloth) pressed between the filter plate and the filter frame is filtered effect. Two liquid-passing holes are provided at corresponding positions of the filter plate and the filter frame. After being filtered by the filter room, clean oil is drawn from another corresponding channel (a fan-shaped side of the ear).

During the filtration, the dirty oil is distributed into each filter frame through the input channel, and the impurities are filtered on the filter plate through the filter paper and collected in the output channel and discharged outside the filter. The dirt is left on the surface of the filter paper. A small amount of moisture in the dirty oil is absorbed by the capillary in the filter paper. When the filter paper on the filter surface gradually thickens and the water content in the filter paper increases, the filtration resistance increases, when it increases to a certain extent (usually 0.2 ~ 0.35Mpa) should stop filtering, replace the filter paper, continue to use.

The gear pump is connected with the elastic rubber pad of the motor. To avoid mechanical accident caused by high pressure, a safety valve is provided in the lower part of the oil pump (the product has been adjusted to the specified maximum pressure value before leaving the factory). The safety valve pressure can be set to a lower value according to the user’s needs, but it is not allowed to adjust to exceed the specified maximum pressure value.

The oil pump and the motor are installed under the filter part, and the liquid output by the oil pump is sent to the filter part through the discharge pipe and the thrust plate.

The oil pump gear is supported by a rolling bearing, which is lubricated by the oil delivered by the oil pump itself. The strainer is installed on the suction side of the oil pump. Its role is to prevent large particles of impurities from entering the oil pump and damaging the oil pump. Remove the strainer cover to remove the strainer directly, because if the strainer is covered with dirt, it will not only reduce the filtration capacity, but also damage the Oil Filter Machine.

When there is oil stored in the tank, the return valve can be opened to suck away the stored oil to prevent the oil from overflowing and leaking out of PF Plate and Frame Oil Filter Press Machine.

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Online & Offline Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine

Higher moisture content in the insulation material and the insulating oil is one of the major reasons of transformer failures. If there is existence of a seapage, moisture may enter into the device in the form of water or moisture. Small necessary oil leaks, specifically in the oil air conditioning piping, will even allow dampness ingress. Meanwhile, moisture and impurities is also created by the destruction of padding as the transformer ages. To reduce the probabilities transformer failing, it will use Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier to do dehydration, degassing and fine filtration.

ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd tends to be pioneers in oil purifier machine, we have been in production Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine for the past twenty two years. ACORE has got also inked a technological collaboration for manufaturing oil purifier machine,  We have been giving outstanding service to Electrical power Boards, Elemental power channels, Transformer producers and other clients all over the country.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Features of ACORE Online Transformer Oil Purifier

1. The oil purifier machine is completely installed a transformer constantly keeps upon removing the l moisture while transformer is within charged phase.

2. During the purification process, the water content is continually monitored.

3. This Online Transformer Oil Purifier not just remove water from transformer oil, it also removes gas and impurities efficiency

4. The transformer oil is distributed through a number of cylinders full of specially created cartridges which absorbs moisture content as well as eliminates solid communication from oil.

5. The Online Transformer Oil Purifier Machine will continue maintaining PPM level that is required for durability and requirement of transformers.

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Varnish Removal System,Turbine Oil Purifier

Varnish is the biggest problem that lubricating oil has in turbines, lubricant oil degradation, largely through the extreme temperatures as well as oxygen current in turbines bring varnish in to oil. Varnish will lead to excessive wear on components, can lead to having failures and may cause crucial components-such because servomechanisms-to catch. These downfalls are expensive, not only due to the repair costs, but also as a result of off collection lost income.

ACORE TOP Turbine Oil Purifier with Varnish Removal System solves varnish issues in turbines. In contrast to traditional oil purification system, ACORE patented technologies removes almost all insoluble pollutants, including wreckage by-products which are responsible for making varnish. Traditional filters eliminate only big particulates however leave small particles which can be at the heart associated with varnish accumulation problems.

ACORE Turbine Oil Purifier with Varnish Removal System actually brush your internals from the system. This particular patented technological innovation allows the actual ultra thoroughly clean lubricant to behave as a program cleaner. Instead of depositing layer of varnish over time, lubes cleaned with a filtration method have the opposing effect; along with clean necessary oil stripping aside varnish molecular coating at a time.

Techniques severely infected with layer of varnish are washed, leaving gleaming metal areas behind. Actually systems together with severe layer of varnish contamination tend to be reclaimed utilizing the ACORE technique. Turbines users possess eliminated device difficulties in as little as fortnight after the installing ACORE models.

ACORE varnish removal techniques of Turbine Oil Filtration Machine are easily linked directly to the particular oil tank for constant cleaning. These people run practically maintenance-free, needing only a regular collector modify.

Benefits of ACORE Turbine Oil Purifier with Varnish Removal System

The systems offer significant advantages for turbine customers. Some of these rewards include:

• Reliable, trip-free Servo control device performance

• Varnish-free lubrication and hydraulic oil brake lines

• Prolonged oil living

• Prevention of unexpected outages

• Decreased impact and gear use

• Enhanced heat exchanger performance

• Extended close off and O-Ring life

• Elimination regarding costly process flushes

ACORE Turbine Oil Filtration Machine with Varnish Removal System supply unmatched Systems frequently pay for on their own many times over within the first yr of procedure. Significant cutbacks in varnish-related trips and also unplanned servicing can easily include initial expenses.

ACORE TOP model Turbine Oil Purifier with Varnish Removal System become a key factor of your dependability program along with an essential companion in rewarding operations, repairs and maintenance.

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Coalescer Oil & Fuel Separator Filtration System – ACORE Oil Purifier

In order to completely solve water problem of fuel, lube oil, turbine oil, hydraulic fluid etc, ACORE developed Coalescer Oil and Fuel Filtration System with advanced “coalescing and separation” dehydration technology. It combines the functions of precision filtration and high-efficiency dehydration to efficiently remove particulate contamination, emulsified water, dissolved water and free water in the oil, and achieves NAS4-6 grade filtration accuracy, achieving continuous operation and unattended operation.

There are two sets of different function filter elements inside the Coalescer Oil Separator – coalescing filter element and separation filter element. When the oil flows through the coalescence separator, it undergoes four stages of filtration, coalescence, sedimentation, and separation in the interior, and the function of filtering out particulate dirt and removing water is realized.

CSF Coalescer Fuel and Oil Filtration System

The oil flows from the inside to the outside first through the coalescing filter element. The coalescing filter element is suitably combined with special glass fiber and other synthetic materials and is specially formulated for turbine oil with good hydrophilicity. The coalescing filter has the dual function of filtering particulate contaminants and agglomerating moisture. The innermost high-precision filter material first removes particulate contaminants from the oil; the outer demulsification coalescing layer coalesces the tiny droplets of the oil into water droplets. Larger droplets of water will rely on their own gravity to sink into the collection tank. Smaller droplets of sediment will not be settled and will flow to the separation filter element. The separation filter element is made of a specially treated stainless steel mesh and has a good hydrophobicity. When the oil flows from the outside to the inside through the separation filter element, the small water droplet is effectively intercepted outside the filter element, allowing only the oil to pass through. The water passes through to further separate the water.

The oil is first filtered out of the oil in the initial filter and then into the Coalescer Oil Filtration System. In the coalescence separator, the oil passes through four processes of filtration, coalescence, sedimentation, and separation to achieve the function of removing water, and finally output purified oil. The water settled in the sump is removed by a drain valve on the sump. At the same time, according to the oil conditions, the oil can be directly filtered through the filter to remove the particulate contaminants in the oil, and the purified oil can be output.

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