Solution For Problem Of Lube Oils Emulsifying – Acore Oil Purifier

Water and vapor dissolved into lubricating oils will make lubricant emulsification and change the color, usually become milky white. So we can use Lube Oil Purifier to break emulsification, remove water and recover the color.

Lubricant emulsification generally use Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier, such as our VLF Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier, which can effectively remove the water and impurities, so that the oil color to restore clarification, so that the oil can be reused.

VLF Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier is mainly used for the machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical and other fields, the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, cooling oil, refrigeration oil, gear oil, gasoline engine oil, diesel, heat treatment oil and other Lube Oil Purification, it can improve the quality of oil and restore its performance, meanwhile, ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system.

VLF Lube Oil Purifier


● Removing impurity ability, large area, deep layer of precision filtration, equipped with permanent magnetic filter to remove iron impurities.

● Unique degassing, dehydration system, the use of three-dimensional flash technology, multi-level oil and water separation technology, the rapid separation of oil in the water and gas.

● The heating system uses the optimized piping design to ensure uniform heating and stable oil temperature.

● Automatic temperature control system, automatic level control system, automatic oil foam control system, automatic pressure protection system and excellent configuration, to ensure high-performance equipment operation.

● precision filtration system, multi-level filter step by step encryption, large amount of pollutants, can effectively remove the oil in the mechanical impurities, and configure the filter contamination degree of automatic detection.

● Localized design, low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption to save operating costs.

● Equipped with filter replacement indicators, filter saturation stop device.

● With leakage, overload load shutdown device to protect the motor.

● With phase sequence, phase loss protection, sudden shutdown safety control.

As a Oil Purifier Manufacturer, Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd is committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient Lubricating Oil Purifier with a reasonable price and good quality.

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ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Transformer Oil Filtration

In essential areas of energy plants, nutrient oils are utilized as lubricating, cooling, insulation, sealing, cleansing and manage fluids. To get oil thoroughly clean is consequently essential to make sure proper procedure and to lengthen the life associated with transformer insulation oils. ACORE Transformer Oil Filtration System maintains the usefulness and expands the life of transformer insulation oils.

6000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Acore is a good partner to help users get more from mineral oils. By effectively removing harmful particles and extending the actual lifetime of insulations, our options bring extensive protection as well as economy in order to industrial strength installations. ACORE Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, known as the particular ACORE double stages high vacuum transformer oil purification system -DVTP, maintains typically the effectiveness and also extends the life span of transformer insulation oils.

ACORE DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is a dependable, modular move oil purification treatment system. It really is based on the mixture of centrifugal splitting up to separate contaminants and drinking water and vacuum dehydration to get rid of dissolved water and gas. This leads to highly effective oil procedure solutions which meet the strict quality specifications for insulation oil. DVTP plant comes in a wide range of dimensions, enabling simple selection of the best treatment method to meet your own capacity needs.

The particular contents connected with solids, moisture, dissolved air in the transformer insulation oil must be held as low as possible to prevent a drastic reduction in the dielectric power. Any kind of transformer shielding oil contaminants severely impacts the capacity from the oil to face up to high trouble without producing electrical discharges. Safe in addition to efficient cleanup are as a result of utmost importance towards the safety plus efficiency with transformer operations. ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration System effectively eliminates contaminant allergens, solid pollutants and totally free water along with dissolved dampness and fumes from any type of mineral insulation oils.

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Personal Customization For Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers

ACORE High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers is designed for electrical insulating liquid applications. Utilizing proven technologies developed more than 40 years, our DVTP Transformer Oil Purification Plant offer high filtration performance of insulation oils by dehydration, degasification and filtering processes. Through removing actually trace levels of water, gas and particulate, our DVTP Transformer Oil Purifier restore dielectric strength of transformer, cable as well as circuit breakers oils without having removing costly additives.

Specification of DVTP Transformer Oil Purifier:

· Water elimination down to ❤ PPM

· Air along with gas reducing down to 0.05%

· Particulate removal for 1 micron minimal

ACORE DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant are created to meet the functional, economic in addition to environmental requirements of the electric industry by giving reliable, effective purification associated with insulating oils. It increase the effectiveness of your equipment whilst reducing creation slowdowns plus downtime because of equipment failing. The decrease in waste oil reduces expenses while offering an environment benefit.

ACORE engineer has got the expertise within electrical programs to design the customized High Vacuum Oil Purifier which will meet your particular needs. They are designed to run effectively inside high volume level industrial conditions and can be built-into your digesting operation. You could expect a high requirement due to the improved efficiency of the processing gear and reduced operating fees for the High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier over the lifetime compared to for similar equipment.

We offer turnkey anatomist and style, fabrication, production, field assistance and support and customized filter producing for your requirement. ACORE supply personnel support about creating a custom made solution for the High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier.

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Filtering Performance of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

As a professional manufacturer of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine, Acore Filtration Co.Ltd has been committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient oil purifier machine with a reasonable price and good service. We take the lead in the sales, free installation, commissioning and training.

Working Principle of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine:

It works very simply is in a vacuum state, the heat treatment to achieve the effect of removing water. Because the lubricating oil purifier machine is a physical filter, so it will not change the nature of oil.

ACORE VLF Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine mainly deal with substandard mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oil, can quickly and effectively remove the oil in the water, gas, magazines and volatile matter (such as alcohol, Ammonia, etc.), to restore the viscosity of the oil, flash point and the use of performance. After treatment, the emulsification value of the lubricating oil is low, the water content is very low, the impurity precision is high, and it can be used repeatedly in the high precision hydraulic lubrication equipment at home and abroad. VLF Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine is suitable for oil storage, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, machinery manufacturing and railway.

The characteristics of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

1. Double filter structure, increase the amount of pollutants; multi-level precision filter to ensure the accuracy of filtration

2. Polymer materials for the media, set the demulsification, dehydration, impurity as one

3. Double-type three-dimensional flash, with a unique and efficient dehydration, degassing components, can quickly and effectively separate the oil in the water, gas and volatile.

4. Automatic backwash function, improve the use of efficiency

5. Advanced media condensation system

6. The use of high-quality filter, the amount of pollutants, corrosion resistance, high temperature, good mechanical strength, in addition to high precision impurities, long service life.

7. New high-efficiency electric heating system, low heating load, heating evenly, less energy consumption.

8. The use of machine interlock protection device, heater, oil pump, level control device linkage work.

Application Range of Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine:

It is suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, machinery manufacturing and railway with significant economic benefits.

High oil prices, so that all companies are planning to use new waste oil. Folk also has some traditional way of dealing, but because the effect is not ideal, and a waste of time, manpower, material resources. So it is gradually being eliminated. Because of this, lubricants oil machine in the domestic market up a bullish market.

Inspection of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine During Working:

1. In the field use, the oil filter should be as close as possible to the transformer or tank, suction line should not be too long, to minimize pipeline resistance.

2. The connection pipe (including the fuel tank) must be thoroughly cleaned in advance and have good sealing.

3. Follow the operating procedures strictly. When the oil filter is started, the oil pump should be recycled if the vacuum pump, oil pump and heater are operating normally and the internal circulation is good.

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Performance and Advantages of TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purification Plant

ACORE Filtration as a manufacturer of Turbine Oil Purification Plant, in combination with foreign advanced technology on the basis of promoting its own brand of reform and innovation, formed with the international competitive advantage of TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier.

TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purification Plant is mainly used for the fire, hydroelectric generating units, nuclear power plants, industrial steam turbine and other companies using steam turbine oil. So that the operation of the oil has not yet deteriorated to get timely purification, but also on the string steam, water, aging, acid, bubble, emulsified oil to do purification processing, which can quickly and efficiently remove the water, gas and impurities in oil. After purification, oil quality indicators to meet the “GB / T7596-2000 in the operation of turbine oil quality standards” requirements, and to ensure that the unit to adjust the lubrication system to work properly to extend the maintenance cycle of the unit. Can be on-line demulsification, dehydration, in addition to acid, impurity, so that serious turbidity emulsified turbine oil becomes clear and transparent.

TOP Turbine Oil Purifier

1) TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purification Plant use polymer magnetic materials, do not use any additives demulsification, complete demulsification;

2) The Turbine Oil Purifier adopts a unique dehydration method and the international advanced hydrophilic and flowing water principle, efficient dehydration, in addition to the complete removal of liquid water, but also to clear 100% of free water and 85% Dissolved water.

3) The device adopts stepwise progressive encryption filter system setting. Primary filter and secondary filter are imported from Japan stainless steel network can be used repeatedly cleaning, greatly reducing the operating costs of equipment; fine filter using the United States imported polymer filter, its high precision, can effectively remove the oil In the fine particles of impurities.

4) The use of strong wind condensing technology to quickly extract the vacuum pump high temperature and high heat mixed gas condensate dewatering to improve the effective output power of the device, greatly extending the life of the vacuum pump;

5) The heating system uses the optimized pipeline design to ensure that there is no dead zone, and the function of anti-dry;

6) The use of advanced media condensing device, and then with the strong wind cooling, water and cooling combined to make the equipment more durable;

7) Heater with low load design to ensure that the oil can be heated in the heater evenly, can effectively avoid the oil caused by cracking and aging hazards;

8) Advanced electrical system and automatic infrared oil level control system, automatic control does not occur running oil phenomenon;

9) With the steam turbine, turbine and other equipment to achieve unattended online operation, low noise, in line with the world’s high standards of environmental protection requirements;

10) Fuller earth filters lower acid value and dielectric loss, oil treatment acid value (Mgkoh / g) ≤ 0.03 (ZJC-R series of oil filter);

11) TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier has a number of patented technology, set vacuum drying, separation engineering technology, cohesion technology, adsorption even the secret filtering technology in one;

12) TOP Turbine Oil Purification Plant can be non-stop automatic drainage, the use of equipment to operate more simple, humane

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Importance of the Strength of a Factory!

KANGYI have a piece of good news share for all customers,our branch of factory opened on Sep.18th 2017,.

LeiYang Kangyi Luggage technology co., LTD.(the first of leathergoods dust-free workshop in China!) have 9500 square meters

Guangzhou Kangyi Leathergoods Factory

Our existing factory in Guangzhou Renhe(near the Baiyun Airport),established in 2000years,have 9000 square meters.

Kangyi in 17 years has always insisted on “Professional win applause, quality create the future”concept. Based on the principle of “people-oriented”, cultivate a large number of stable technical elite.

Our main products are laptop backpacks wholesale,digital camera bags,gift bags and other custom bags.

Welcome you to order with us,price,quality,lead-time,we are lead to the forefront in the area,we believe that our factory is a good supplier for you to choose!

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DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Equipment – Chongqing Acore Filtration Co. Ltd

The insulation oils of the current as well as future transformers have to fulfill the highest requirements regarding high quality and wholesomeness to perform in their maximum level of effectiveness. During procedure, the preventive fluids need to act each as an efficient coolant and also insulation materials. Using the correct insulation oil with the right attributes is an essential section of the electric company.

To ensure the transformer is filled with a top quality dielectric liquid during preliminary impregnation along with filling. The defensive oils within modern transformer is exposed to increasing voltages and also the resulting tensions, adequate dealing with and remedying of the transformer oil gets more and more essential during the transformer’s lifetime too.

The usage of ACORE DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Equipment enhances the dielectric properties of your respective transformer padding by decreasing the water content within the liquids and components. Additionally, the Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Equipment will carry out an oil degasification in addition to remove the much more volatile stomach acids. This produces better executing transformer efficiency andbuilds the building blocks for superior transformer efficiency.

DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Equipment is the leading brand name in oil based purification technologies. DVTP Oil Filtering Equipment provide you with years of encounter in the transformer maintenance field all run by Engineering. The actual DVTP Series is the standard in transformer oil degasification and transformer oil filtering technology.

ACORE can design and produce each vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Equipment specifically for user requirements.

The standard Transformer Oil Filtering Equipment is generally built with oil filters, oil pumps, an oil heater, vacuum pump as well as the degassing container. The application of the actual vacuum procedure causes a lower of the boiling point of oil through reducing pressure. The oil heating unit consequently gets hot oil in order to escape water in insulation oil. Typically the vacuum method, works a degasification of the transformer oil. Some other contaminations tend to be removed utilizing a filtering elements.

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