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ACORE Online Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier

ACORE Online Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier is designed to clean the on-load transformer oil. With the dehydration, degassing and filtration procedure, the mixed water, contained gases as well as particles is easy to remove completely in order to upgrade the … Continue reading

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Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant – Acore Filtration Co.Ltd

Introduction To meet the needs of the power maintenance department on-site maintenance of various types of high and low voltage oil equipment, we developed a small size Transformer Oil Purification Plant with proportion of light weight, easy to move, low … Continue reading

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Filtering Elements Structure of Oil Filtration Machine – Acore Oil Purifier

The filtering elements of oil filtration machine is mainly used to remove particulate matter or other suspended matter from the fluid. The principle is the use of porous media to remove contaminants from the fluid to bring the fluid to … Continue reading

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Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant – Acore Filtration Corporation

Acore Filtration Corporation focuses on oil purification, cleaning and regeneration that will save money and also conserves oil. Our products consists of necessary oil purification, transformer dry-out along with condensing techniques, vacuum  pump unit and air drying purification in addition … Continue reading

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Transformer Air Dryer (Air Generator) -Acore Filtration Co.Ltd

Acore Filtration Co.Ltd would be the manufacturers associated with complete variety to heatless compressed air drying purification system for dampness removal within air, these types of compressed air dryers are prepared for transformer drying out application. These types of air … Continue reading

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Solution For Problem Of Lube Oils Emulsifying – Acore Oil Purifier

Water and vapor dissolved into lubricating oils will make lubricant emulsification and change the color, usually become milky white. So we can use Lube Oil Purifier to break emulsification, remove water and recover the color. Lubricant emulsification generally use Vacuum … Continue reading

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ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Transformer Oil Filtration In essential areas of energy plants, nutrient oils are utilized as lubricating, cooling, insulation, sealing, cleansing and manage fluids. To get oil thoroughly clean is consequently essential to make sure proper procedure and to lengthen the life … Continue reading

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