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Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine – Acore Oil Purifier

Hydraulic oils are used in a variety of industrial gear (manipulators, device tools, automatic machines, squeezes, etc . ). Their primary purpose of hydraulic oil would be to transfer energy for procedure of industrial equipment. The more clean is hydraulic … Continue reading

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The techniques of CNC machines should consider what aspects of problems

Analysis of the technical requirements of parts: According to the parts in the product features, analysis of the geometric accuracy and technical requirements are reasonable; consider processing in the machining center, can guarantee its accuracy and technical requirements; choose which … Continue reading

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Global Market Of Turbine Oil Purification Plant

ACORE is one of the global leaders of manufucturing of oil purification plants, due to the ongoing growth of the worldwide, the problem of nutrient resource destruction becomes progressively important. Th decrease of the actual world’s build up of mineral … Continue reading

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How to Test The Accuracy Of Vertical Machining Center?

How to test the working accuracy of vertical machining center? The materials, cutting tools and cutting parameters are selected according to the agreement between the manufacturer and the user and should be recorded. The recommended cutting parameters are as follows: … Continue reading

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HV Transformer Oil Filtration Machine and Drying Transformer At Site

Transformer Oil Filtration, Drying, Dehydration and Degassing addresses the larger cost with regard to oils as well as ever increasing environment regulation and also liability. It really is no longer affordable to replace electric insulating oils to renew their own … Continue reading

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The Reason For Unstable Machining Of Machine Center Part One

1, accurate workpiece size, poor surface finish The reason of the problem is that the tool tip is damaged and not sharp; the machine tool resonance occurs and the position is not stable; the machine tool has creeping phenomenon; the … Continue reading

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60KV,80KV,100KV Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Dielectric Oil Tester provide replicable, accurate dimension of breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electric equipment. The oil tester is lightweight and durable units, which is specially designed for using in field and laboratory. Our DST Dielectric Oil Breakdown … Continue reading

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