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Transformer On-load Tap-changer Online Oil Filtration System

Application: The insulating oil of the transformer on-load tap-changer is polluted by the free carbon and various solid particles produced by the frequent switching of the switch. In addition, the oil absorbs water and the resistance of the insulating oil++, … Continue reading

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Disc-type Centrifugal Turbine Lube Oil Purifier – Chongqing Acore Filtration Co. Ltd.

The lubricating oil quality tends to degrade over time because of contaminants for example dirt, sludge, metals, as well as water to mention just a few. There are various ways to eliminate these pollutants, some becoming more effective compared to … Continue reading

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Vacuum Dehydration Plant of Transformer Oils

It really is well known which water accumulate in essential oil reservoir in order to contaminate the actual oil as well as whether planning in a short time or slowly over time the outcome is the exact same, the equipment … Continue reading

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High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine – ACORE OIL PURIFIER

Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine is created to very completely degas, dry out and eliminate fine contaminants and co2 fines in order to quickly recover the dielectric strength associated with insulation oil in transformers, tap switch, cable and oil filled … Continue reading

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Maintenance of Vacuum Oil Purifier – Acore Filtration Co.Ltd

Vacuum Oil Purifier as the main equipment for industrial oil purification, in the industry now plays an important role. Qualified Oil Purification Equipemnt after filtering the oil can restore oil performance, so that it can be used as a new … Continue reading

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Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier Manufacturer

Vacuum Oil Purifier is extensive method for total removal of water from the industrial oil. Through low-temperature dehydration in conjunction with fine purification, oils could be returned in order to “new” status. Filtration associated with oils could be a continuous … Continue reading

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DVTP Vacuum Treansformer Oil Purification Treatment Machine

The ACORE higher vacuum thermally accelerated Transformer Oil Purification Treatment is really a widely approved and more affordable method of treatment associated with electrical insulation fluids to improve and maintain their own dielectric power. The purification treatment includes removing free … Continue reading

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