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Industrial Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Industrial plants continue to be having problems along with solid pollutants in hydraulic lube oil, therefore we are searching for a good technologies to filtration system of hydraulic oil. Currently, we develop VHF Hydraulic Oil Purifier, it is generally sufficient … Continue reading

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Insulation Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Insulation Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester (BDV tester) is done with regard to checking the dielectric strength from the oil in the transformer. Dielectric strength indicates the maximum capability to withstand breakdown of insulation oil. This test displays the dielectric strength … Continue reading

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Effective Utilization of Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Transformer oil is utilized as fluid insulation as well as dissipates transformer heat. Specifically, the transformer oil can be used as a coolant in transformer and as a way of arch suppression within circuit breakers (apart through its insulation properties). … Continue reading

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Transformer Oil Treatment Plant – Acore Filtration Corporation

In ACORE all of us categorize the Transformer Oil Purifier Machine as per transformer capacity. For energy transformers varying over 8MVA, we offer the DVTP high vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant. The industrial transformer oil purifier tends to be described … Continue reading

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Introduction of Vacuum Pump Unit

As a single Vacuum Pump Unit is not suited for a particular process because of their pumping pace and / or their own ultimate vacuum, a combination along with twin pumps can be used. The Vacuum Pump Units consist of … Continue reading

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Lubricating Oil Purifier–Acore Filtration Co., Ltd

Lubricating oil does not exhaust! However, the lubricating oil quality tends to degrade over time because of contaminants for example dirt, sludge, metals, as well as water to mention just a few. There are various ways to eliminate these pollutants, … Continue reading

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Application and Choise of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine -Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd

First of all, before we choose Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, we should know the voltage of transformers, the normal single-stage vacuum oil purifier is only for the the transformers less than 35KV, double stages high vacuum oil purifier for more … Continue reading

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