TE-Series-The Ultimate & All Rounder

1. The Ultimate and All Rounder Series
In this highly competitive era, change and challenger take place everyday, of course this is also happening to manufacturing industry. With endless pursue to perfection for more than 29 years, Takam found an excellent solution to tackle all of this — TE-Series CNC Vertical Machining Centers.

Vertical Machine Center

TE- Series is quite suitable for parts production due to its cutting-edge technologies as well as its perfect performance in mold production. In all, TE-Series has a clever solution for whatever challenge comes it ways.

2. Super Economic One

Quite competitive price can be another good reason to choose TE-Series. Takam understand greatly that margin is always the final target of the manufacturing industry. So we never stop trying our best to provide high quality machines with competitive price. And with more 29 years pursue to this, we final make the solution — TE-Series.

3.Details Decides anything
For Takam, competitive price never ever means we do not care about the quality of our machines. On the contrary, we always highlight the quality of every machine that leaving from Takam. This could all be presented in any details of our every machine.

Details of structure — Super wide base and stance design. Increase the rigidity in the Z axis.

One piece thick whole iron casting instead of welding of casting promises the rigidity of the machines.

With extra heavy load possibility on the work table and extra wide stance, the TE-Series machine can withhold long and endurance in the machining process. Now with the availability of 48/48/48 on the rapid travel.

In short, TE-Series can be a great choice to meet your demand in this challenging days.

To get more details about TE-Series Vertical Milling Machine and Takam please refer : www.takam.com
You can also refer to our YouTube channel for videos of the machines: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6b4uLfQtAQdlbFG9sfgcg

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