North America will have extreme weather of super cold and super snow,HCN release the strategy of deicing ice removal

According to AccuWeather’s forecast,this year, North America may usher the coldest winter in history. Oh my god,the friends of North America will have a bad mood.In the meantime,South America of the most area will feel warmer and drier in this winter.

Frequent storms will bring unusual snowfall to the eastern United States.Maybe some of friends feel very depressed, they can’t hold this extreme weather.Now, HCN attachments will teach you to deal with extreme weather.

First,we should advocate the concept of “instant snow removal”, provide the equipment and solutions of removaling snow and ice to city streets, communities, highway, railway, airport, and so on.Next,let we see some snow removal equipment.

Deicing salt spreader

Deicing salt spreader is a automated snow removal equipment,deicing salt spreader without using any lifting tool,but it is fast of installation , shipping.

Deicing Salt Spreader For Engineering Vehicles

snow removal by machine

vibratory ice breakers

Compared with the snow removal with snow melting agent, vibratory ice breakers will not pollute the environment.

Engineering Vehicle Attachments OF Vibratory Ice Breaker

Angle sweeper can be used for many places such as cleaning driveway, parking pot, dock, warehouse etc.

Skid Loader Outdoor Angle Sweeper Broom

V-shaped snow blades are suitable for different roads to clear snow.

V-shaped snow blade for skid steer loader

snow blowers mainly used to clean the thick snow from driveways, sidewalks and parking lots, and other areas.

Front snow blade and rear snow sweeper,the conbined snow cleaning equipment can quickly connect with the wheel loader, and it cando cleaning, scraping and shoveling operations for ice and snow.

In addition, HCN tips North America’s friends,you should do the best to protect vehicle through antifreeze treatment.especially snow-sweeping vehicles.

Otherwise, you will see this scenes.

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