Aircraft Hydraulic System Parts

Seals are used to prevent fluid from passing a certain point, and to keep air and dirt out of the system in which they are used. The increased use of hydraulics and pneumatic in aircraft systems has created a need for packing and gaskets of varying characteristics and design to meet the many variations of operating speeds and temperatures to which they are subjected. No one style or type of seal is satisfactory for all installations. Some of the reasons for this are:


l  Pressure at which the system operates.

l  The type fluid used in the system.

l  The metal finish and the clearance between adjacent parts.

l  The type motion rotary or reciprocating.

Seals are divided into three main classes: packing, gaskets, and wipers. A seal may consist of more than one component, such as an O-ring and a backup ring, or possibly an O-ring and two backup rings. Hydraulic seals used internally on a sliding or moving assembly are normally called packing. Hydraulic seals used between non-moving fittings and bosses are normally called gaskets.

V-Ring Packing

V-ring packing (AN6225) are one-way seals and are always installed with the open end of the V facing the pressure. V-ring packing must have a male and female adapter to hold them in the proper position after installation. It is also necessary to torque the seal retainer to the value specified by the manufacturer of the component being serviced, or the seal may not give satisfactory service.


U-ring packing (AN6226) and U-cup packing are used in brake assemblies and brake master cylinders. The U-ring and U-cup seals pressure in only one direction; therefore, the lip of the packing must face toward the pressure. U-ring packing are primarily low pressure packing to be used with pressures of less than 1,000 psi.


Most packing and gaskets used in aircraft are manufactured in the form of O-rings. An O-ring is circular in shape, and its cross-section is small in relation to its diameter. The cross-section is truly round and has been molded and trimmed to extremely close tolerances. The O-ring packing seals effectively in both directions. This sealing is done by distortion of its elastic compound.

Backup Rings

Backup rings (MS28782) made of Teflon™ do not deteriorate with age, are unaffected by any system fluid or vapor, and can tolerate temperature extremes in excess of those encountered in high pressure hydraulic systems. Their dash numbers indicate not only their size but also relate directly to the dash number of the O-ring for which they are dimensionally suited. They are procurable under a number of basic part numbers, but they are interchangeable; any Teflon™ backup ring may be used to replace any other Teflon™backup ring if it is of proper overall dimension to support the applicable O-ring. Backup rings are not color coded or otherwise marked and must be identified from package labels. The inspection of backup rings should include a check to ensure that surfaces are free from irregularities, that the edges are clean cut and sharp, and that scarf cuts are parallel. When checking Teflon™ spiral backup rings, make sure that the coils do not separate more than ¼inch when unrestrained. Be certain that backup rings are installed downstream of the O-ring.


Gaskets are used as static (stationary) seals between two flat surfaces. Some of the more common gasket materials are asbestos, copper, cork, and rubber. Asbestos sheeting is used wherever a heat resistant gasket is needed. It is used extensively for exhaust system gaskets. Most asbestos exhaust gaskets have a thin sheet of copper edging to prolong their life. A solid copper washer is used for spark plug gaskets where it is essential to have a noncompressible, yet semisoft gasket. Cork gaskets can be used as an oil seal between the engine crankcase and accessories, and where a gasket is required that is capable of occupying an uneven or varying space caused by a rough surface or expansion and contraction. Rubber sheeting can be used where there is a need for a compressible gasket. It should not be used in any place where it may come in contact with gasoline or oil because the rubber deteriorates very rapidly when exposed to these substances. Gaskets are used in fluid systems around the end caps of actuating cylinders, valves, and other units. The gasket generally used for this purpose is in the shape of an O-ring, similar to O-ring packings.


Wipers are used to clean and lubricate the exposed portions of piston shafts. They prevent dirt from entering the system and help protect the piston shaft against scoring. Wipers may be either metallic or felt. They are sometimes used together, a felt wiper installed behind a metallic wiper.

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