What Is Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine?

Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine is called plaster machine specialized in rendering cement mortar or gypsum mortar on the walls automatically instead of manual working for saving time and up to 70% of labor cost.

This kind of machine is a unique machinery ideally suitable for the construction/building industry. It works with conventional cement mortar and brings it to a smooth& flat finish with variable and adjustable plastering thickness to suit each application.

The machine also called plaster machine, wall plastering machine, automatic plastering machine, plastering machine for wall, which is a unique machine for wall rendering, it is designed for increasing rendering efficient and saving labor cost of rendering project.

KLS22-185-400 Roll Forming Machine for Variable Interlocking Panel With Full Automatic Pre-punching

Who Are We?

We are a manufacturer of Roll Forming Machine here in China that serves the infrastructure development industry specialized in plastering on brick walls and concrete block walls with abundant practical experiences.

What Is The Feature?

It can plaster the wall automatically and go up and down automatically.

The thickness of the ash can be adjusted.

Easy to operate with one or two people.

The quality is up to the international standard.

High sensitivity leakage protection device is safety and reliability .


Xiamen XinhongHua Machinery Co.,Ltd specialized in manufacturing roll forming machines with hydraulic systems and PLC computer controlling systems. Our company has advanced technologies and great experience in the R&D, manufacture, installation, testing and training.

Product introduction:

(1) Main Forming Machine;

(2) 5 Tons Manual Uncoiler;

(3) Hydraulic System;

(4) Hydraulic Automatic Pre-Punching Mould;

(5)PLC Computer Controlling System With Touching Screen

(Brand:Delta or Schneider,or Siemens,choose any one)

(6) Device for automatic adjusting variable width;

(7) Hydraulic Forming Cutter;

(8) Run Out Table (3PCS);

(9) Protective Cover;

(10) Tools;

(11) Operation Manual.

xmrollforms constantly upgrades our Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine to meet the international standards. xmrollforms owns the most latest technical design and solution of extruding machine for customers. Welcome to contact us for more information.

If you are interested in our products, you can visit http://www.xmrollforms.com/. please contact us soon.

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