The Type Of Roll Forming Machinery Available To The Consumers

In this article we would familiarize you with the type of Roll Forming machinery available to the consumers.

Roll Machines are basically machines that have been manufactured to produce steel profiles of various size and shapes and of longer length than ordinary. These machines are strong enough to work with different types of steel available in market and suiting to the need of different customers they can be shaped as they want. The major industries involved in the production of such Roll Forming machines ensure that all International Standard are maintained while manufacturing them.

The vast production lines of these manufacturers have ensured that these machines can also be produced in bulk thereby creating an economical price.

C,Z80-300 Fully Automatic Adjustment Interchange Purlin Machine With Pre-punching and Pre-cutting

Types of Roll machines

* C Purlin Roll Forming Machine: These kinds of machines produce C Purlin. C Purlins form an essential part during the construction of high scale projects like Cinema Halls, gardens, theatres etc. The parts of this machine comprises of Decoiler, Leveling device, Punching device, Roll forming system, Post cutting equipment, hydraulic station and electronic controlling system. The main motor runs on 55 KW.

* Cable Tray Machines: These machines are used to produce cable trays of various shapes, sizes and thickness. It is ideal for galvanized steel with thickness of 1.0 to 1.5 MM. This machine has been designed by their manufacturers in such a way that they have a forming speed of 10 meter per minute.

* Embossing Roll Forming machine: Perhaps the highest in demand machinery, the embossing roll forming machine is used in formation of elegant Glazed Tiles. It is mostly used by small industries or individuals working in garden style factory, travelling scenic spot, hotels etc. The products of these machines are used as roof tiles, wall panels outside the building. This not only increases the beauty of the building but also increases the durability giving strength to the roof and panels.

These machines manufacture products which maintain the high standards of National Steel Construction Building Standard. These Rolling machines are economic in cost, highly efficient in final products, have reliable working and have low energy consumption.

We hope these machines will suit to your industrial need and will surely prove a success.

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