Comparison between 3 Roll and 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Bending machines are used to manufacture sheet metal through a mechanical brake. Different kinds of machines are available depending upon the type of sheet metal desired. Obtaining the best kind of bending machine will increase press brake productivity. A brake is metal working equipment which allows for the bending of sheet metal. On to the flat surface of the brake the material is placed. A clamping bar comes down to hold the material firmly during the whole bending process. The clamping action can be manual type, automatic type or operated with a foot pedal.

Manual Adjustment Curving Machine For Standing Seam Roofing

A 3 roll plate bending machine of hydraulic type is one of the best bending machine available in the market. The plate roll special feature makes it easy to operate and as a result it becomes the strongest type. This equipment has electro welded frames, 3 powered rolls with hydraulic motors thorough planetary gearboxes. Movement of the planetary gear box and rolls parallelism is controlled by the massive torsion bars. Requirement of maintenance is very less. The rolls are mounted onto the bearings with double raw rolls. The bearings are pre-lubricated and no lubrication is required in the entire life of the machine. Hydraulic motors together with epicycloidal gear boxes directly mounted on rolls. No secondary transmission or maintenance of the items is required. The amazing feature of planetary movement of the bending rolls designed with new variable geometry allows the machine to bend diameters below 1.1 times the top roll diameter. This characteristic gives up to 30% higher in larger diameters compared to other direct contenders.

With years of broad research and development a 4 roll plate bending machine is discovered. This is the easiest, quickest rolling machine to operate. It has the capability to pinch the plate between the 2 central driven rolls, pre-bend the front edge and rear edge of the plate and roll the body all in one direction. No question of losing position of the plate arises during the bending process, which makes this equipment the only one of its kind which can be controlled by the NC and CNC control.

A 4 roll plate bending machine offers a great feature to maintain a perfect parallel of the lower central pinching roll. Because both ends of the roll are lifted with the help of one piece of eccentric bar, located under the lower roll, it is not at all possible for the lower roll to be moved out of parallel. Side roll parallelism is also maintained through a torsion bar system which connects both ends of the roll. With the help of the planetary gear box system and the hydraulic motors, the 2 central driven rolls are rotated. This along with the rolls being mounted in low friction sealed bearing greatly reduces the torque lost by clutches and harmonize systems used on other machines. It has the most efficient and up dated geometry which simplify the work and also reduces the cost of maintenance for a long time during its life span.

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