New bending machine: advantages

Versatility of bending machine, that can bend large size profiles, as well as profiles with small dimensions and radii, with its combination of considerable useful length and elevated stiffness of the supported shafts with a centre distance between the bending rolls having a wide variability range due to the converging straight-line guides.

Automatic Hydraulic Strike -Bending Machine For Standing Seam Roofing

Longer machine life because of the optimal distribution of the forces. Hydraulic pipe bender adjustment of the bending axes speed makes it possible to position the rolls with maximum precision. For example, during multi-pass bending, it is possible to rapidly approach the required radius and the subsequently finish the bending with maximum precision finely adjusting the position of the bending rolls. A longer life of the machine because of the optimal distribution of the forces.

Square tube bending has an innovative multi-axis positioner that permits a completely independent handling of the moving parts of the bending machine where it is applied.

The operator interface is incorporated in a panel of appropriate dimensions, that encloses in a single instrument all that is necessary to ergonomically manage the bending machine, avoiding confusing and bewildering indications caused by many devices spread out over the machine. The PQ10 is the latest electronic interface, designed specifically to meet the management requirements of pipe bending machines with more than 3 separate axes. With the touch-screen display and the Microsoft Window. CE operating system the use of the multiple PQ10 applications are intuitive and fast .

The PQ10 also includes an advanced analysis system for self-diagnosis of any failures and/or maintenance operations on the control circuit. When necessary a warning is displayed with a description of the failure and a photo of the area requiring attention.

Upon request the metal bending machines can be supplied with a tele-assistance system for prompt service in any part of the world.

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