Metal Slitting Machine: Design and Operation

Metal Slitting Machine commonly used in industry,are slits or cuts metal into various forms. Metal Slitting Machine can be of different thickness metals, such as steel, copper, aluminum and cut into different shapes. In the article we will give you an overview of its working parts and working mode.

ST1.0-1200 Automatic Tapered Sheet Slitting Machine

Design & Parts Of The Metal Slitting Machine:

A Slitting Machine has various parts, which make the metal slitting operation easy. Some of the parts and components are:

Uncoiler: The metals usually come in rolls. In order to start the process of metal sheet cutting, the uncoiler unwinds the metal roll.

Slitting Head: A pair of knifed rolls is compressed together in a slitting head. These knives cut the metal sheet into specified shapes and sizes.

Tension Stand: A tension stand also known as synchro, drag, etc. creates tensions via friction pads.

Recoiler: As the name says, the recoiler recoils the slitted metal, which is then banded and delivered to the clients.

Different Modes Of Operation:

Pull-Through Mode: This is considered the simplest slitting line. A pull-through mode comprises of a brake on the uncoiler, a driven recoiler and a slitting head with non-variable speed drive. This mode is used with edge trimming or two-mult slitting.

Slitter Assist Mode: This mode is very much like the pull-through mode. The only exception is that slitter assist mode has variable speed drive.

Exit Loop Mode: The exit mode is used when three or more mults are required.

Dual Loop Mode: Dual loop is only for those machines, which perform operations on tension free slitting. In this mode, all major sections of the line are driven with a variable speed drive and both entry and exit loops are engaged.

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