Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Roller Shutter is very common in our daily lives, it’s strong, stable and simple designs suitable for any building. How Roller Shutter is made of? Xiamen Xinhonghua Machinery Co., Ltd as a professional Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine manufacturer will tell you!
Roller Shutter Forming Machine

standing seam roofing sheet manufacturing machine

A Roller Shutter Forming Machine is used to manufacture Roller Shutters of varied length and sizes and of different metal thickness. The material generally used is galvanized or normal carbon steel. This roll forming machine is best suited for coiled metal materials and is used to make and process different shapes of roller shutter.

Roller Shutter Forming Machine – Working

* Decoiler: Decoiler in the machine handles the coil and possesses the capacity of feeding the coil into cut to different length line. A decoiler uses an action of unwinding a parent coil. The parent coil is then made flat and cut into sheets.

Features of Decoiler:

* Provides a Suitable Loop Control System,

* Index with Reduced Friction,

* The control panel in the machine maintains the loop of coil to manufactured flat decked shapes with perfection.

* Feeding And Leveling: The Feeding Guide allows perfect leveling of the steel coil and manufactures Roller Shutters with tremendous precision. Here, two guiding platforms are set at right and left of the feeding entrance of the main machine.

* Roll Forming: Roll Forming, is a continuous bending procedure where long strip of metal sheet is made to pass through several sets of rolls. These set of rolls manufacture fine bend of metal sheets.

* Cut To Length: Once the piece of metal has acquired a fixed shape and length, a hydraulic cutting device is used to cut it to a desired shape. These machines make sure that there is no waste while cutting and that the frames are welded to provide good rigidity.

* Run Out Table: A Run Out table is used to support finished panels. The frame of the supporter is generally welded with square steel to hold the entire structure.

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