Sheet Metal Bending: Amazing Architectural Creations

When you go to other countries traveling, we may have a deep impression of some of the local landmark buildings. These buildings may have a long history or a peculiar shape. However,today I give you about these buildings is because the material.

Catholic Church – Nigeria

This project, created by a famous design studio in London, has been the winner in a worldwide competition where the goal was designing a 2000-seat church to build in Nigeria.

As you can see from the picture, it consists in an infinite number of arches and curved surfaces that give to this structure a harmonious and curvy aspect, really really unusual. This is the first example of how far we can go with the help of the sheet metal bending processes.

Piano House in An Hui Province – China

Always remaining on the subject of curves, you probably will be bewitched from this incredible Chinese building. We’re in An Hui Province, where people are obviously passionate about art and music. Here, an incredible amount of glass along with a spectacular job of sheet metal bending of structures has given rise to a very unusual shaped building: a piano and a violin which merge together creating the most romantic architectural construction in China

Burj Al Arab in Dubai – Emirates

Dubai, home of the most spectacular buildings. The Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxury hotels of the world. Located on an artificial island connected to the mainland by a bridge of 280 m, is characterized by a particular “sailing” designed by a team of architects and workers who knew the how to start from the metal bending, welding and other processes in order to obtain this building from the spectacular shape.

Infinity Bridge in Stockton – England

Back in the Old World, we meet the 4th amazing architectural creation born from metal bending. This bridge, the Infinity Bridge, is located in the north-east of England and is the evident example of how far designer and workers can arrive when know-how and creativity are very high. This is a merge of tons and tons of curved metal but also a celebration of an excellent use of metal work.

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