Underlayment Products Is Very Important For Roof Systems

Select the appropriate standing seam metal roof systems in Underlayment products, roofing systems will extend the service life, in the design of the roof system,there are several issues that need to be addressed. including ensuring that the four barriers needed in any building enclosure i.e., water barrier, thermal insulation barrier, vapor retarder, and air barrier are provided and are in the correct location for a given climate.

Long term, in-service roof performance can be affected by several important factors including: the metal roofing system and its expected service life, the climate at the building location, roof slope and geometry, and ambient conditions (temperature/relative humidity) within the building.  Improper selection of the roof underlayment may allow roof leakage or entrap moisture due to vapor diffusion or air exfiltration, which may accelerate deterioration of concealed components, shortening their service life and necessitating repairs.  Further, to provide longevity the underlayment should match the intended service life of the metal roofing system.

Structural metal roof panel systems are designed to span structural supports without requiring a structural deck.  Hence, they do not typically include roof underlayment since the installation lacks a continuous substrate or deck to support the underlayment material.

For architectural metal roof panel systems, a roof underlayment is required to help control water leakage through the roofing system during heavy rain storms or under snow melting conditions. Upgraded roof underlayment is often specified in cold climates for additional protection against ice dam leakage, while high temperature underlayments are designed for use in high temperature environments where the in-service temperature can reach temperatures as high as 240ºF.

Choosing the proper and most effective underlayment for a metal roofing system will undoubtedly result in maximum roof performance and can play an important role in extending the life of the roof and of the building it protects.

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