Application Of Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine – ACOREFILTRATION

Industrial Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine Of ACOREFILTRATION mainly deal with substandard mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oil, can quickly and effectively remove the oil in the water, gas, magazines and volatile matter (such as alcohol , Gasoline, ammonia, etc.), to restore the viscosity of the oil, flash point and the use of performance. After treatment, the emulsification value of the lubricating oil is low, the water content is very low, the impurity precision is high, and it can be used repeatedly in the high precision hydraulic lubrication equipment at home and abroad. Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine can be used for petrochemical, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries lubricants.

VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

1. Double filter structure, increase the amount of pollutants; multi-level precision filter to ensure the accuracy of filtration

2. Polymer materials for the media, set the demulsification, dehydration, impurity as one

3. Multi-dimensional flash, with a unique and efficient dehydration, degassing components, can quickly and effectively separate the oil in the water, gas and volatile.

4. Automatic backwash function, improve the use of efficiency

5. Advanced media condensation system

6. The use of high-quality filter, a large amount of pollutants, corrosion resistance, high temperature, good mechanical strength, in addition to high precision impurities, long service life.

7. New efficient electric heating system, low heating load, uniform heating, less energy consumption.

8. Using the machine interlock protection device, heater, oil pump, level control device linkage work.

Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine is widely used for petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries oil with significant economic benefits.

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Vacuum Pump Unit Used in Drying of Transformers

Do you know the Vacuum Pump Unit utilized in vacuum drying out process of energy transformers?

Vacuum drying procedure requires a shut vacuum restricted chamber, the heating system that may heat the actual insulation within stipulated period, a Vacuum Pump System and a managing mechanism. We need to discuss these types of one by one beneath

Vacuum Restricted Chamber

This really is generally a good oblong slot provided associated with dimension appropriate to put any transformer or perhaps a several group of transformers. The development of the particular step is created inflexible to face up to temperature as well as vacuum cleaner. The actual holding chamber will get cart to move typically the transformer in/out from the appropriate slot.

VPS Double Stages High Vacuum Pump Unit

Heating Method

Within the stove, within the wall space, pipes are supplied where some sort of very hot liquid moves in order to move warmth towards the item put into often the range. This particular smooth is actually outwardly warmed through electric heating units or even with a gas/fuel dismissed furnace. Admirer will be supplied within the cooker to be able to evenly disperse the exact temperatures and also speed up the very heating system in the transformer padding.

Vacuum Pump System

The Vacuum Pump Set includes vacuum pump along with booster pump systems. Typically the vacuum pump motor in addition to a booster-style evacuates the main association plus draw out the actual moisture/gas (air) through the body. Drinking water cooled down transformers put in number of the particular vacuum pressure pushes assist in condensing water fumes removed from your transformer’s efficiency.

Controlling System

Using the creation of PLC and even buttons the entire procedure for blow drying could be supervised together with managed for you to preferred amounts. Machine ranges may be checked as well as manipulated. Often the heat degree inside the void machine drying cookware might be governed. Time used with regard to dry skin, quantity of seasoning carried out and also finish regarding strength transformer dryer method can be discovered along with watched.

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Installation and Running of Transformer Oil Purifier

For installation of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, gear pump, filter and other components should be used for measurement at first. That is, to ensure that the oil purifier machine works well, but also to ensure that working was safe.

Measurement of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier as following:

1. On-site use, the Oil Filtration Machine should be as close as possible to the transformer or tank, suction line should not be too long, to minimize pipeline resistance.

2. Connecting the pipe and tanks must be completely cleaned in advance and have good sealing.

3. Strictly in accordance with the order of operation. When the Transformer Oil Purifier is started, the vacuum pump, the oil pump and the heater are operated normally and the internal circulation is good before the oil can be recycled.

4. Purified oil contains a lot of mechanical impurities and free water. Must be in advance to remove the bottom of the water and impurities, and then other fine oil filtration system to fully filter to achieve the requirements of the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier specifications, can be carried out with a oil filtration machine to influence the life of the oil filter.

5. Operation should be strictly monitored the operation of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine (such as vacuum, flow, temperature, etc.) should also be regularly detected before and after the disposal of oil quality (breakdown voltage, etc.) to monitor the purification effect of the oil filtration system.

Substation transformer oil filtration machine must also comply with the power industry issued by the plate and frame filter oil industry safety work rules in the relevant provisions.

9000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Main feature:

1. The use of vacuum into the oil, the installation of the tubular rotary injector, reducing the resistance to speed up the rotation speed, an increase of oil and gas separation effect.

2. An increase of metamorphic oil regeneration purification function, an increase of silica gel oil system, and silica gel oil and impurities filter into one, for the mild deterioration of the transformer oil, after the adsorption of silicone oil purifier regeneration, to meet the eligibility criteria.

3. Two method of Filtration: one is the traditional method of Oil Filtration Machine – filter paper as a filter medium; another method is not required filter paper special fine filter element for the filter media.

4. When Transformer Oil Purifier is used in the field, the use of the original oil equipment to do storage tanks, so that hot oil between the equipment cycle, so that the transformer oil filtration machine uses renewable and hot oil drying functions at the same time. Provincial workers, time-saving, indeed three purposes in one fell swoop.

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Pump Importance of Oil Filtration Machine

Oil Pump of Oil Filtration Machine is very important, it can be said that a good oil pump can provide a better efficiency of the oil filter. Commonly oil pump can be divided into gear pump, vane pump, piston pump three. Gear pump for low pressure system, the oil pollution is not sensitive; leaf pump output flow uniformity, pulsation is small, the noise is small, but the oil absorption characteristics are not very good, sensitive to oil pollution; plunger pump easy to get high precision with the leakage Small, high volumetric efficiency, and vane pump commonly used in high-pressure system, the oil pollution is also sensitive.

PT High Precision Portable Oil Filtration Machine

One gear pump is commonly divided into KCB gear pump and YCB gear pump. KCB gear pump internal gear for the helical gear structure, the gear by the heat treatment has a high hardness and strength, together with the shaft installed in the replaceable sleeve operation. All parts of the pump lubrication in the pump work with the output medium and automatically reached. The pump has a reasonable design of the drain and oil return tank, the gear in the work to withstand the minimum torque force, so the bearing load is small, wear small, high pump efficiency. KCB gear pump advantage is affordable to allow customers to accept more easily. But the drawback is that the teeth between the great wear and tear, high noise, the service life is shorter, usually in some operating conditions used as a consumable.

YCB arc gear pump double arc plus sinusoidal curve into a tooth, won the national major scientific and technological achievements project, and the State Education Commission scientific and technological progress third prize. The circular gears are in continuous contact with each other between the two gears, and do not cause the phenomenon of trapped oil, which completely solves the phenomenon that the gear pump causes the vibration, noise and bearing load of the pump due to the trapped oil. The gears are made of double circular arcs. Compared with the gear, the most prominent advantage is that the tooth profile is not sliding relative to the gear meshing process. Therefore, the tooth surface is free from abrasion, smooth operation, no liquid phenomenon, low noise, long life and high efficiency. The traditional design of the shackles makes the gear pump in the design, production and use into a new field. YCB arc gear pump is the biggest feature of low noise, pressure, and has a good energy saving effect. YCB arc gear pump cost higher than the KCB gear pump, but consider the performance in the use of Oil Filtration machine performance, longer life, the price is higher than some desirable.

Screw pump used in the Oil Filtration Machine when the advantages are: smooth running, smooth flow, low noise, no eddy current pulsation, no shear, and adapt from very low to very high viscosity (-20 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃), self- Good sexual ability. But the disadvantage is due to the inter-rotor friction between the large torque required. Efficiency is low, often shaft absorption power 1kw, manufacturers will be equipped with 3kw or even larger motor; structural reasons the pump stator and seal is supplies; style slender, the need for larger installation space. Conventional oil filters are generally not used in this type, only in the machine configuration requires a special pump configuration, in order to match the performance to improve the machine will use the pump.

In the choice of Oil Filtration Machine pumps flow when the need to pay attention to: the pump flow must be greater than the maximum flow when the system work. Because taking into account of Oil Filtration Machine inlet and outlet ports due to changes in pressure resistance caused by loss of oil flow. The Oil Filtration Machine plays a very important role in the middle of our production work. However, in the actual operation process, we must according to their own needs, to buy the appropriate product, if not, then, for our use, is a very big impact. Oil Filtration Machine is environmentally friendly energy-saving, choose the right to give you the oil filtration and recycling to bring maximum efficiency.

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Classification of Vacuum Oil Purifiers

Vacuum Oil Purifier is the most widely used in the power industry category, it is based on the water and oil boiling point of the different principles of the design, it consists of filter elements, vacuum heating tank, vacuum dehydration and degasification chamber, vacuum pumping systems, oil pumps etc. High Vacuum Oil Purifier is a necessary product for all kinds of power plants, power stations, electric power maintenance companies, machinery production factories, mining and other industrial field.

In order to meet the evolving production and energy saving needs, various oil purifier manufacturers through research and design, developed a variety of different types of vacuum Oil Purification Systems, so that the current market there are a variety of different kinds of Oil Purifiers (including lubricants, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, mechanical oil etc.), these different types of Oil Purification Systems can be widely used in power plants, power plants, power companies, substation industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways, papermaking, shipbuilding and so on, according to the nature of oil and the use of different industrial and mining.

DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

For example, in the turbine for the turbine oil purification, because taking into account the turbine oil easy to emulsify or often meet the demulsification value exceeded, so for this type of Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier on the basis of the original vacuum machine, increased the heating power, an increase of water break the emulsion filter system, can handle the following 40 # turbine oil, hydraulic oil and other oil, gas and impurities particles.

In the face of oil conditions are more complex lubricants (covering gear oil, hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, engineering lubricants, vacuum pump oil, die-casting oil, etc.), such oil is generally more complex amount of impurities Some of the filter part of the function will be based on the use of the factory will filter part of the function prominent, or increase the filter area, or with the plate and frame pressure Oil Filtration Machine to reduce the cost of the filter. But at the same time will still be more than ordinary insulating Oil Purifier to increase the water break emulsion system, because it will often encounter the phenomenon of lubricating hydraulic oil into the water emulsification, but there is no turbo oil purifier machine demon so strong obvious.

The current market, according to classification of the Vacuum Oil Purifiers, mainly vacuum insulating oil purifier, low viscosity turbine and hydraulic oil purifier, ordinary lubricating oil purifier and high viscosity Lubricant Vacuum Oil Purifier.

Each type of Vacuum Oil Purification Systems in a function or configuration according to the treatment of oil changes and changes, strictly speaking, not a single vacuum purifier, and improve the practicality And operational convenience is also more and more human and technology.

As you can see, in summary, the market a lot of Oil Purifiers, with the increase in oil species, types of different functions, oil purification technology is also improving, the oil purification function with the oil Product requirements and change, the user must be based on their own use of the environment, the amount of oil treatment, from the efficiency and practicality, so choose cost-effective oil purifiers

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Different Oil Purifiers

Today, the main Oil Purifiers on the market as following:

Portable high precision oil filtration machine: mainly by the filter, shell, oil pump and fixed devices and other components. Mainly by the filter, shell, oil pump and fixtures, etc. Fluid pump from the filter into the filter into the filter, the impurities trapped in the filter surface and deep, clean fluid from the outlet out. The filter is mostly cylindrical metal mesh, to prevent the larger solid particles into the oil pump. The pump is usually a gear pump that delivers impure oil into the filter.

PT High Precision Portable Oil Filtration Machine

Advantages and disadvantages: Portable high precision oil filtration machine to design a reasonable, large amount of oil, easy cleaning, etc., in a variety of industries have been widely used. It can be used as oil pretreatment and terminal treatment. Filtration of ordinary mechanical impurities in the oil effect is obvious, high precision. Equipment is light and easy to operate. Such equipment is not suitable to deal with oil in the oil or dust impurities in the oil, too much impurities, blocking will be more serious, the cost of replacement supplies will become very high.

Vacuum Oil Purifiers: including the initial filter, vacuum evaporation tank, oil pump, filter device, condenser and vacuum pump and other parts. Equipment generally dehydration, demulsification, remove harmful gases, also have the function of filtering impurities. The water in the oil is heated by heating and then rapidly evaporates into water vapor, and is discharged into the condenser. The uncondensed water vapor is discharged from the vacuum pump into the atmosphere. Pooled in the bottom of the vacuum evaporation tank, has been evaporated dehydrated oil pumped into the filter device, filter out the oil in the solid impurities, and further absorb the trace moisture.

Advantages and disadvantages: vacuum oil purifier demulsification and micro-water treatment effect is good, mostly for recycling purification. Water treatment to the national standard within the general no problem. But if the requirements of the filter to the very little water content is different, because the vacuum filter oil filter effect by the vacuum separation tank area. In addition to the effect of impurities and hand-push precision oil filter the same. Filtration of sludge or dust too much oil, the need for pretreatment.

Pressure plate and frame oil purifier: on behalf of this type of plate oil filter, the use of filter paper filter, the country a lot of factory production, is a most primitive oil filter equipment, its advantages are, such as oil in the unqualified edge , The use can play a very good role. The disadvantage is that the cost is large, the consumption of filter paper and more people’s work intensity.

Coalescence separation of oil purifier: the oil filter, the use of coalescence, separation filter, filter impurities using pre-and refined two filter.

This kind of equipment in addition to the water effect can only be close to the qualified edge, and can’t remove the trace of water; supplies are generally dehydration filter and de-impurity filter, in addition to the effect of impurities and precision oil filter is generally close. But the equipment size is generally small, covers an area of small.

Comprehensive above, equipment selection, the customer should be based on the specific circumstances of the unit oil to determine the appropriate selection of oil purifiers to achieve the effect of purification and use of both.

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Acore’s Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System is used to remove water, gas and impurities for improving the electrical resistance of oil and the paper insulation, but also to a certain extent, improve the physical and chemical properties of oil.

Power distribution transformers are mostly installed in the open air environment, insulating oil (transformer oil) by external impurities, and air contact and the equipment itself running a higher temperature, the quality of the oil gradually deteriorated. After the deformation of the insulating oil (transformer oil) will not play the proper insulation, cooling effect. In order to prevent the safe operation caused by deterioration of oil quality is affected, the normal operation of the regular distribution of oil samples for analysis, and according to the analysis of the oil for the corresponding treatment. The inspection cycle for chemical monitoring of the distribution of oil is specified for at least 3 years. Conventional inspection items include acid value, water-soluble acid, flash point, breakdown voltage, appearance.

It should be noted that if the Transformer Oil Purification System is often loaded with a relatively high load, the number of tests should be increased on the basis of the specified test cycle. If the tested items are significantly close to the limits of the control, the number of tests should be increased. The quality of the running oil varies greatly depending on the degree of aging and the presence of impurities, and is usually not a test item alone as a basis for evaluating the state of the oil. Which should be based on the determination of several major characteristics of a comprehensive analysis of indicators.

1. Acid value

The ultra-limit is greater than 0.1 mgKOH / g. There are four possible reasons for exceeding the limit: overload operation; consumption of antioxidants; fill the wrong oil; oil contamination. The following values are taken for the acid value exceeding the limit: the cause of the investigation, the number of tests, the amount of the antioxidant to be measured and the appropriate addition, and the regeneration of the transformer oil. If the economy is reasonable,

2. Water-soluble acid value

Its super limit is less than 4.2. There are two possible reasons for exceeding the limit: oil aging; oil contamination. The following measures can be taken to increase the number of tests and compare the acid value with the acid value. The oil regeneration treatment, if the economy is reasonable to do oil change treatment.

3. Breakdown voltage

Its super limit is less than 20KV. There are two possible reasons for exceeding the limit: the water content in the oil is too large; the oil is contaminated with impurity particles. The following measures can be taken for the breakdown voltage beyond the limit: to identify the cause, vacuum filtration treatment, plate and frame pressure oil filter processing or replacement of new oil.

4. Flash point

The super limit is less than 130 ° C. Or 5 ° C lower than the previous test value. There are two possible reasons for exceeding the limit: the device has a local overheating fault; If the flash point exceeds the limit value, the following measures can be taken: to identify the cause, to eliminate the fault; to vacuum degassing machine, or oil change treatment.

5. Appearance

If the appearance of visual oil is opaque, there are visible impurities or suspended solids. Or oil is too deep, the oil appearance is abnormal. Appearance may be due to abnormal: oil contains water, fiber, carbon black and other solids. The following measures should be taken for oil with unusual appearance:

If the oil is blurred, turbid white, indicating that the oil contains water, should check the water content. If it is found that the oil contains carbon particles, black color, and even coke smell, there may be an internal arc or partial discharge failure, should be combined with other tests, investigate the cause, troubleshooting. If the oil color is dark, and the color of the oil has changed significantly, it should be noted that the aging of the oil is accelerated, can be combined with oil acid value test analysis, or strengthen the transformer oil operating temperature monitoring.

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