ACORE Online Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier

ACORE Online Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier is designed to clean the on-load transformer oil.

With the dehydration, degassing and filtration procedure, the mixed water, contained gases as well as particles is easy to remove completely in order to upgrade the actual properties associated with transformer insulation oil.

Along with special device and interlock safety program equipped, ACORE on-line Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier is ideal for high quality transformer which unable to turn off the power.

Single Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier


1.Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier does not need to shut down running transformer.

2. Foam manage and interlock alarm system make sure the safe oil purification

3. Absolutely no air real estate generate throughout operation

4. Fully automated operation along with PLC controller.

5. Totally free maintenance within vacuum slot provided

6. Circulation Rate choice switch (5 types selectable)

7. Simple operation


Transformer preventive oil that contains 10% to be able to 12% regarding dissolved water and 50ppm of absorbed moisture, dielectric strength could be upgraded for you to following right after single pass.

20kV break down voltage may be improved to help following single purification, dielectric strength can be improved to subsequent after solitary pass.


1. Trailer: regular speed 25km/Hr(Maximum speed: 80km/hr)

2. Weather-proof metal enclosure

3. On-line dampness content detector

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Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant – Acore Filtration Co.Ltd


To meet the needs of the power maintenance department on-site maintenance of various types of high and low voltage oil equipment, we developed a small size Transformer Oil Purification Plant with proportion of light weight, easy to move, low noise, continuous working time, stable performance, easy operation. It is the ideal Oil Purification Plant for removing water, gas and impurities from insulating oils.


1. All kinds of oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and less oil relay, the scene of oil and fuel.

2. The above-mentioned equipment on-site hot oil circulation drying, especially for oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and less oil circuit breaker hot oil circulation is more effective.

3. Sealed oil immersion equipment for on-site vacuum filling and transformer vacuum pumping.

4. Mild deterioration of the transformer oil to purify, to achieve the performance of qualified oil standards.


1. Small size, light weight and easy to move

2. Improving the performance of oil and gas separation..

3. Filter elements of transformer oil purification plant: non-toxic and tasteless felt made of tubular filter, filter bag large amount of pollution and high precision.

4, can be used in the field, and the use of the original oil equipment to do storage tanks, so that the hot oil circulation between the machine and equipment, so that the oil filter, hot oil drying at the same time.

Working Principle

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant is designed according to the different boiling points of water and oil. It consists of vacuum heating tank, fine filter, condenser, primary filter, vacuum pump, oil pump and electric cabinet. Vacuum pump will be vacuum out of the vacuum tank to form a vacuum, the external oil under the action of atmospheric pressure, the oil through the inlet pipe into the filter to eliminate the larger particles, and then into the heating tank, after heating to 40-75 ℃ oil through Automatic oil level valve, the valve is automatically controlled into the vacuum tank into the oil balance. After the heating of the oil through the rapid rotation of the wing of the oil will be separated into a half mist, the oil quickly evaporate into water vapor and vacuum pump into the condenser, into the condenser water vapor after cooling and then back The original water release. In the vacuum heating tank of oil, the oil pump discharged into the fine filter through the filter element will filter out the impurities. So as to complete the vacuum oil filter quickly remove the oil impurities, water, gas the whole process, so that clean oil from the exit at the machine outside the machine.


Connected to the tubing, according to the size of the total power of the Transformer Oil Purification Plant connected to the three-phase four-wire power supply, and the vacuum pump, pump steering and arrow pointing to the same, connected to a safe ground, check whether the circuit is connected to the oil valve is open , Jog vacuum pump, oil pump should be no jamming and eccentric vibration phenomenon. Condenser models can be through the drain valve to the storage room into the tap water, ready to proceed after the operation procedures. First, close the circuit breaker, turn on the power off button, press the vacuum pump button, when the vacuum surface reaches 0.08MPa negative pressure, you can open the oil into the oil valve, when the vacuum tank oil reaches the midline of the oil position (avoid The oil is sucked into the vacuum pump, otherwise the equipment can’t run normally. If the oil is inadvertently sucked into the vacuum pump, the oil should be released from the vacuum pump and then the appropriate vacuum oil should be added. So that the normal operation of the oil circuit, the normal operation, observe the oil pipe to adjust the inlet valve to keep the oil balance, press the heater open button, according to the vacuum and water saturation curve set the heating oil temperature to oil heating (upper The oil temperature is lower, the upper limit should be greater than the lower limit of the temperature 5 ~ 10 ℃) Valve control to adapt to the vacuum, to be reduced water, oil off after the release valve, so that the vacuum reaches the limit. At this point should pay attention to the reaction of the instrument, if the pressure gauge reading is greater than 0.4MPa, indicating fine filter inside the filter surface adsorption of impurities too much need to be cleaned, after work, stop the first press the heater button, wait 3 Minute, then press the vacuum pump button, close the oil inlet valve, wait for the oil tank after the tank row after pressing the oil pump button, open the vent valve to the vacuum to normal atmospheric pressure, the remaining oil from the oil discharge valve to prevent The next time mixed with different types of oil, and finally pull down the circuit breaker.

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Filtering Elements Structure of Oil Filtration Machine – Acore Oil Purifier

The filtering elements of oil filtration machine is mainly used to remove particulate matter or other suspended matter from the fluid. The principle is the use of porous media to remove contaminants from the fluid to bring the fluid to the desired cleanliness level. Filter elements are considered to be a simple mesh or sieve, filtered or separated the filter walls are of a certain thickness that means that the filter material has a depth, in the form of curved channels to play a supporting role in the removal of pollutants.

6000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

The filter element Of Oil Filtration Machine is a device that removes a small amount of solid particles from the liquid. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain size of the filter, the impurities are blocked and the clean filtrate is filtered by the filter. It is indispensable for the purification process of the fluid disposal means, mainly used to remove particles or other suspended matter in the fluid. The filter is to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid discharge when the need for cleaning, unscrew the bottom of the branch pipe plug, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, remove the filter cartridge, after handling can be reloaded.

It is well known that the core of filtering elements is a membrane, which is a thin film filled with tiny pores on the micro-porous support layer. There are many materials of oil filter elements making, divided into organic film and inorganic film filter filtration accuracy is relatively high, particle size control is relatively stable, and backwash easy to restore performance. Therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.

Oil Filtration Mechanism and Influencing Factors:

Such as interception, screening and appearance capture; the other is the adsorption, filtration mechanism of the filter mechanism of fluid there are two. One is based on the size of the particles to separate. That is, the particles adhere to the filter under chemical / charge. This requires the pharmaceutical companies according to their actual needs to choose a different filter membrane.

Fluid viscosity and chemical / ionic composition affect the filter characteristics. E.g. The greater the viscosity of the fluid in the same pressure conditions, the slower the flow rate, fluid and membrane have more contact between the filter effect is better; and then, fluid and membrane mixing / contact time on the filter effect also has a greater impact, The longer the contact time, the better the filtering effect. In addition, the characteristics of the fluid to be noted only affect the adsorption of the fluid on the membrane without affecting the particle size of the removal of operating conditions related to the actual operating conditions, such as particle flow rate and filtration pressure.

To get a good filter effect, generally choose a lower flow rate, the better the effect of interception. Practice has shown that the movement of the membrane is beneficial to the oil filtration. Once the structure of the membrane has changed during the filtration process, the particles and fibers can be precipitated from the deep filtration, affecting the filtration effect. However, the velocity / differential pressure only has an important effect on the adsorption and retention, and the effect of the size of the particle size is similar to that of the filtration effect. The particles are divided into two types: deformable and non-deformable. Under certain pressure, the deformable particles will enter the filter membrane and cause more filter holes to clog, thus affecting the filtration effect, such as gel filtration. However, when the immiscible particles are filtered, a layer of cake-like material is formed on the filter membrane. The type of the membrane is related to the type of membrane, and the pore size and structure of the different membrane are different. Some films are rigid structure is movable. The pre-filter membrane does not have a uniform national standard. The different manufacturers have their own definitions and methods. Therefore, the selection and replacement of the business requires a high degree of attention. The same is 0.22μm pre-filtration membrane. The filtering effect of Oil Filtration machine will be very different.

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Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant – Acore Filtration Corporation

Acore Filtration Corporation focuses on oil purification, cleaning and regeneration that will save money and also conserves oil. Our products consists of necessary oil purification, transformer dry-out along with condensing techniques, vacuum  pump unit and air drying purification in addition to distillation models.

Transformer Oil Treatment with vacuum oil purifiers with regard to removing humidity, particulate and even dissolved vapors. The transformer oil purifier can be mounted on trailer so that they can become parked near to the oil together with transformer to become processed.

9000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Oil requires cleanness in order to eliminate particulate, wetness and mixed gases. A simple Vacuum Oil Purifier will certainly remove most of these and come back oil in order to within standards. Systems can be found to method transformer, cable connection, turbine as well as hydraulic natural oils, as well as phosphate esters and also heat move, vacuum pump motor.

Each Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is custom-designed to specs and designed with quality elements for ease-of-use for providers and lengthy field living.

Automatic, unwatched, transformer on the internet systems for eliminating moisture, and controlling systems tend to be fully automatic and created for transformer servicing. The Transformer Oil Treatment Plant removes water, h2o from the transformer oil, Water along with gasses are usually removed through vacuum through the oil in addition to exhausted towards the atmosphere, however the transformer is not really subjected to machine. These methods are also quite effective where a gassing transformer should remain in support until a good outage could be scheduled.

ACORE’s series type of vacuum oil purifiers bring the recuperation of liquids in light weight aluminum rolling essential oil processes and even vapor stage transformer drying out. Our Vacuum Oil Heating Techniques are affordable, compact, lighting and transportable for the aided heat up involving transformers becoming dried within the field. ACORE Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Carts are generally our 2 or four wheel roll around trailer, suitable for moving outside and doing online oil purification treatment.

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Transformer Air Dryer (Air Generator) -Acore Filtration Co.Ltd

Acore Filtration Co.Ltd would be the manufacturers associated with complete variety to heatless compressed air drying purification system for dampness removal within air, these types of compressed air dryers are prepared for transformer drying out application. These types of air dryer are specially designed to match the transformer drying software with extra refrigeration surroundings dryer, car drain device, carbon filtration system and after filtration. Trough our own research as well as development we could design the environment dryer for your atmospheric current condition of India in which the average background temperature is very high throughout every season. The clothes dryer is designed bearing in mind the criticality and awareness of the transformers to the humidity.

DHP Air Drying Purification System

Description with regard to working:

The Heatless compacted air drier is the desiccant air clothing dryer for attaining a dew point regarding -40°C or even better. Procedure: Incoming squeezed air is actually dried along with refrigeration blower then this passes via carbon filtering, pre separate out passes with the slide valve set up and is aimed towards absorbing chamber We where the folded air goes by through the top quality of desiccant. Compressed air-drying takes place through absorption. Dried out compressed air  from absorbing chamber I actually is then moves though the inspection valve assemblage and then from the after pool filter to the transformer. While pressurized air has been drying inside chamber spouse and the desiccant in slot provided II the location where the desiccant continues to be wetted in the last cycle will be simultaneously regenerated. The step II will be depressurized towards the atmosphere throughout the purge control device in the downwards direction. Some of the dried out compressed oxygen passes through the hook valve or orifice dish through the desiccant and eliminates out the desorbed moisture. Once the regeneration is usually complete, the actual purge sphincter muscle is shut and the system is gradually depressurized in order to line stress for a sleek changeover. Effective dew stage of – 400°C or perhaps better may be accomplished through efficient drying method comprising involving refrigeration hair dryer and Heatless Air dryer. For Constant measurement from the quality in the air on the internet digital dew point gauge can be supplied on request.

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Solution For Problem Of Lube Oils Emulsifying – Acore Oil Purifier

Water and vapor dissolved into lubricating oils will make lubricant emulsification and change the color, usually become milky white. So we can use Lube Oil Purifier to break emulsification, remove water and recover the color.

Lubricant emulsification generally use Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier, such as our VLF Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier, which can effectively remove the water and impurities, so that the oil color to restore clarification, so that the oil can be reused.

VLF Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier is mainly used for the machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical and other fields, the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, cooling oil, refrigeration oil, gear oil, gasoline engine oil, diesel, heat treatment oil and other Lube Oil Purification, it can improve the quality of oil and restore its performance, meanwhile, ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system.

VLF Lube Oil Purifier


● Removing impurity ability, large area, deep layer of precision filtration, equipped with permanent magnetic filter to remove iron impurities.

● Unique degassing, dehydration system, the use of three-dimensional flash technology, multi-level oil and water separation technology, the rapid separation of oil in the water and gas.

● The heating system uses the optimized piping design to ensure uniform heating and stable oil temperature.

● Automatic temperature control system, automatic level control system, automatic oil foam control system, automatic pressure protection system and excellent configuration, to ensure high-performance equipment operation.

● precision filtration system, multi-level filter step by step encryption, large amount of pollutants, can effectively remove the oil in the mechanical impurities, and configure the filter contamination degree of automatic detection.

● Localized design, low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption to save operating costs.

● Equipped with filter replacement indicators, filter saturation stop device.

● With leakage, overload load shutdown device to protect the motor.

● With phase sequence, phase loss protection, sudden shutdown safety control.

As a Oil Purifier Manufacturer, Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd is committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient Lubricating Oil Purifier with a reasonable price and good quality.

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ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Transformer Oil Filtration

In essential areas of energy plants, nutrient oils are utilized as lubricating, cooling, insulation, sealing, cleansing and manage fluids. To get oil thoroughly clean is consequently essential to make sure proper procedure and to lengthen the life associated with transformer insulation oils. ACORE Transformer Oil Filtration System maintains the usefulness and expands the life of transformer insulation oils.

6000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Acore is a good partner to help users get more from mineral oils. By effectively removing harmful particles and extending the actual lifetime of insulations, our options bring extensive protection as well as economy in order to industrial strength installations. ACORE Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, known as the particular ACORE double stages high vacuum transformer oil purification system -DVTP, maintains typically the effectiveness and also extends the life span of transformer insulation oils.

ACORE DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is a dependable, modular move oil purification treatment system. It really is based on the mixture of centrifugal splitting up to separate contaminants and drinking water and vacuum dehydration to get rid of dissolved water and gas. This leads to highly effective oil procedure solutions which meet the strict quality specifications for insulation oil. DVTP plant comes in a wide range of dimensions, enabling simple selection of the best treatment method to meet your own capacity needs.

The particular contents connected with solids, moisture, dissolved air in the transformer insulation oil must be held as low as possible to prevent a drastic reduction in the dielectric power. Any kind of transformer shielding oil contaminants severely impacts the capacity from the oil to face up to high trouble without producing electrical discharges. Safe in addition to efficient cleanup are as a result of utmost importance towards the safety plus efficiency with transformer operations. ACORE DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration System effectively eliminates contaminant allergens, solid pollutants and totally free water along with dissolved dampness and fumes from any type of mineral insulation oils.

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